Manager Max Polyakov from a Firefly travel agency

Max Polyakov: Zurich Tour and Becoming a Manager at Firefly Tourism Company

Max Polyakov: Zurich Tour and Becoming a Manager at Firefly Tourism Company

After Max Polyakov turned eighteen years old, his family chose to go for a vacation abroad. During that vacation, they experienced new and better things from what they were used to during other vacations. Max’s family also chose to spend their following holiday in Africa to make it valuable.

More about Max Polyakov

The vacation which changed Polyakov

Max’s father decided that his family should visit Zurich on their next vacation. Zurich is a place which has the biggest landmass in the whole of Switzerland. There are several tourist sites within Zurich. They include theatres, galleries, gigantic churches and more.

Max Polyakov got impressed by a travel guide

Max’s family arrived in Zurich and got an apartment to stay. The 1st person to come to their apartment was their travel guide who Max’s father had booked through Firefly Tourism Company. That travel guide brought them a schedule for what they would be doing during their vacation. That travel agent did not need more sessions with Polyakov’s family in order to know their names and a few other amazing things about them. Max Polyakov was really impressed by that.

The travel agent led Max’s family to tour great places. He ensured to explain to them the necessary precautions they needed to take before they went to any place. This travel agent even ensured to mention all the details about the regions they toured, this included the background and customs of the places. Max Polyakov and his family asked the travel agent so many questions and he answered them in a nice, friendly and professional manner which made Polyakov admire him more. Because of that, Max even decided that he must study a course in the tourism field.

Learning and working at Firefly Travel Company

Max Polyakov informed his father about his desire to become a travel agent. He began reading materials that talked about becoming a travel agent. Max’s father had a great relationship with Firefly Travel Company and so, he informed them about his son’s interest in becoming a travel agent.

Max Polyakov got enrolled for a one year Tour and Travel course at Firefly Company. Upon successfully completing his course, he was given a job at Firefly.


Max Polyakov performed his job at Firefly so well that he even got promoted to become the Foreign Travel manager. After ten years of working, he got promoted to be the Regional Manager of the Baltic region of Firefly.

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