Manager Max Polyakov from a Firefly travel agency

Max Polyakov: Touring the World and Becoming the Head of Firefly Organization

How Max became successful

Max Polyakov: Touring the World and Becoming the Head of Firefly Organization

When Max Polyakov finally became an adult, the family chose to go overseas where they encountered unique and interesting things. There experience abroad was way better than what they used to have on other vacations. The family even decided to visit Africa during the coming holiday in order to have more fun.

Zurich: A life-changing moment

The father of Max Polyakov organized for his entire family to tour Zurich on the following holiday. Zurich is a region that has large landmass and many tourists’ sites which include huge houses of worship and theatres.

A traveling agent caught Polyakov’s attention

When they got to Zurich, the family of Max Polyakov rented a place where they stayed. There was a tour agent that Max’s dad had hired via Firefly traveling organization. This agent was the first individual to visit the place where the family of Max were staying.

The tour guide gave the family a timetable for everything that they would do throughout their stay in Zurich. Max was greatly moved by how the tour guide handled things. He led them to tour several wonderful sites and made sure that he explained every important detail about their tour. For instance, he explained to them the precautions they must take when visiting various places and described in detail all the places they visited. Even when Max Polyakov and his parents needed advice, he advised them in cordial and encouraging manner.

Max Polyakov was greatly inspired by the travel agent that he chose to undertake a travel program so that he can be like him.

Training and getting employed at Firefly Company

Max Polyakov talked to his dad about his desire to work in a travel industry. He started reading everything related to working in a travel industry. Max was also lucky that his dad knew someone who worked in the travelling business, Firefly Company. So Max’s dad told the company about his son’s dream about working as a tour guide. The company agreed to enroll him for a twelve months training after which they gave him a job.


Max Polyakov remained excellent at everything he did when offering his services at Firefly. Because of his great performance at work, he got elevated to being the head of foreign travelling. Upon serving for a period of 10 years, Max earned another promotion. Max is now the Regional Head of the Baltic section at the company. Check to learn more about Max’s outstanding achievements.

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